Ranjit Prakash

Managing Partner

Ranjit Prakash has more than 30 years of experience in private legal practice during which he has served as a Partner/ Senior Partner in many leading law firms in India. Ranjit founded Archeus Law in 2016 and is currently the firm’s Managing Partner in which he maintains clients exclusively – customised, international arbitration counsel and project advisor.

Ranjit has a singular industry reputation in terms of the complex projects including large- scale energy EPC contracts and infrastructure contracts, contracts in advising in seamless sequence in the entire gamut of a project leading to commencing other infrastructure projects, he has acted on PPP / DBFOT projects across India and Southeast Asian region. He has been involved in acting in, leading and advocating as well as advising in cases of multi-disciplinary projects worldwide, which cumulatively exceed USD 10 billion in aggregate value.

During the Covid-19 pandemic “lockdown” periods, Ranjit advised numerous key infrastructure clients and projects across India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Ranjit prefers to help his clients resolve their conflicts and reach agreements without expensive, time-consuming litigation.


Legal Experiences:

  • Contract Structuring.
  • Negotiation, Drafting, and Associated advisory work.
  • Project feasibility and delay risk analysis.
  • Advice on evidence, as well as on the merits of the claims (and difference of claims).
  • Advice on contractual controls and the events of non-performance.
  • Advice and support on the preparation of the claim and associated submissions.
  • Advice and support on infrastructure contractual and (external or independent) alternative dispute resolutions.

Statutory Adjudication Work:

  • Disputes (adjudication and review) work.
  • International arbitration council work.
  • Domestic litigation work.
  • Independent (international) legal expert work.

Industry Sector Work:

  • Commercial contracting.
  • PPP, and concession-based-DBFOT projects.
  • Traditional, turnkey (design and built), and EPC projects.
  • Design and professional service (and consulting) agreements.
  • Thermal power plant (including power critical) and Co-Gen plant.
  • Energy (reviewable concession and production sharing projects).
  • Power supply and power purchase against (an offtake agreement).
  • Operation and maintenance agreement.
  • Plant (onshore process engineering) design and built projects.
  • Environmental management.
  • General project performance control and supply chain advisory.

Ranjit Prakash

Managing Partner

Ranjit Prakash


Ranjit Prakash – 2023 India’s Top 40 Disputes Lawyer

Ranjit Prakash –
2023 ‘Litigation Star’ in
Construction & International Arbitration

Ranjit Prakash-
2022 ‘Litigation Star’ in Construction

Ranjit Prakash –
2021 ‘Recommended Expert’ – Dispute  Resolution Expert in India


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